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“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget the perfect offerings, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen. Wishing you all a better day tomorrow… bc the Lord knows we’ve had some days like this throughout the years. My heart goes out to you ! I pray you all rest well tonight and tomorrow is a new and better day

  • iPad batteries need to last longer for sure! Our guy was not happy when we couldn’t walk because of the ran and the iPad was dead. This mama is tired of broken things too. ((Hugs))
  • You are a great mother and the patience you have is unbelievable. Everyone has a bad day and sometimes more but don’t give up on today because tomorrow will be better. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and family with us. You never know who might read this and really need those words that you share to encourage them to keep going. Praying your day will be easier tommorow.
  • It’s just a day in the life. As they say, “THE SUN WILL COME UP TOMORROW”…..or not! It might rain….REALLY! But we accept what comes and maybe it gets better. Best wishes to you all, for you are all in this together. Love is the base and there will be better days. Keep us in the loop, for we care.
  • Thank you so much for always being transparent. This has been so many of my days over the last 6 months especially. You sharing gives moms like me someone who can relate… when so many others can not. For that I have loved you all from the beginning. Thank you again.

Hey there beautiful boy Amos. Sorry it was such a terrible day. Sometimes days are like that sweet boy.days where nothing goes the way we want, nothing makes us feel better especially when we war over tired, and oh my we can’t escape even a little when the iPad dies..

But I want you to try to listen real close beautiful boy, bad days do not EVER mean YOU’RE a bad boy because you arent….. not even an inch of you… Days come and go, good, great, and even crummy, but you, sweetie always are the same. Or getting beaver and smarter!!! Look how you conqured the pool this summer! I love that about you!

Sending hugs and prayers that this day is better than yesterday! Yes we all have those days and accepting what is is freeing. Much love to a real mom. People that say they don’t have hard days can’t be telling the truth. I admire you so much for your caring heart and patience!!! God Bless and pray tomorrow is a better day

Cowboys Queen Classy Sassy And A Bit Smart Assy shirt, hoodie, tank top

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