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I have saved a frog stuck like that too. He was trying to get into this hole that his body was was way too big for. Pushed his head out of the hole and let him go on his merry way. I still think of that frog lol.

  • I dont understand how dying a dogs fur is a horrible horrible thing but using a damn screwdriver to get a living breathing animal out of a bad situation is ok?? People on Facebook just amaze me anymore! I understand that he was wild and stuck but if some one was to go anywhere near my reptiles with any tool I’m throwing hands!! All it would of took was 1 simple slip and instead of helping him he would have been throwing him and this video in the trash. Little bit of common knowledge lizards are just like dogs, if your helping them out their just gonna get away and run.
  • I hate those dang commercials interruping when your watching or playing a game.Thanks guy for the lizards sake.So I am not a lizard person. Chuckwallas are vegetarian lizards and if they bite which is extremely rare…they only pinch….he should not use a screwdriver to pry it out.
  • That was very sweet. I was thinking rubbing a little vaseline on its paws and head would’ve made it easier and less prone to any (possible) injuries. Got to remember that myself. Well done! Blessed little creature this lizard is with you saving it!

I thank the man for helping but when u have a stuck animal please dont use a screw driver to push him out his skin already dry I hope the baby is ok

Yes it’s a Chuckawalla they also live in the desert. Many years ago our friend Bev found one in a crack of a rock and it was all puffed up and we got it out ,but that’s what they do they puff up their form of protection and looking bigger and they do have teeth that are scary looking. Thank you for caring and setting a little Chuckawalla free. Thank you for sharing an interesting video and now we know maybe the best idea was to use water to set him free

Seeing the screw driver scared me abit. That lizard is lucky you got to him in time. I love lizards. Thank you for rescuing the poor guy. But no flat heads next time

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