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Kayla Mulwee Any State Doing Mail-In Is So They Can Ask For A Recount Specially In Say California Due To Large Amount Of Electoral Votes! Recounts Can Take Months But At Jan 20th At 12pm Trump/Pence Will Have To Leave Office Then Nancy Pelosi Will Step In As President! So It’s All About More Ways To Steal The Election! Wake up America. China own a very large portion of America. Doesn’t send a red flag up? Joe Biden is not capable and if he wins he won’t be running the Country. His Vice President and Pelosi and the rest of people will run the Country and gain power and more money and we will be paying for it. President Trump may not have a bedside manner but he has done more for us then another President. Because he mistakenly believes he has the power to sign an executive order for everything does not mean he can. Unless he is made president again, the U. S. is currently a Democratic Republic! Should he win it will be an anarchy! Actually it is written in the law that if the election isnt confirmed by a certain timeframe then yes they can appoint speaker of the house which is Pelosi…see clip below;
The Constitution mandates that a presidential term ends on Jan. 20, meaning that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence would be out of the office at that point. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be next in line. I.D. and requested, not a blanket mail out to every address where you have no clue who gets them worsens them back. Dems dont even want to verify signatures.
An ABSOLUTE way to CHEAT. Already reports from postal workers of 10-20 ballots out to some addresses.
A DEMOCRAT plan to take over by CHEATING or STALLING.

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