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Hannah you are just as sweet as your mom. And look a lot like her. We are happy to meet you. Would like to meet your brother also. Got to be good kids with a mom like you have and your dad. We feel like we know him also from the stories your mom.tells

  • She looks just like you and sounds like you .. i miss that Alabama accent ..my fiance was from Decatur Alabama and he passed away 10 years ago and I sure miss that accent !! I have his mothers and grandmothers handwritten recipe book that I use all the time ..those great Alabama recipes!!
  • One of my fondest memories is going with family to pull peanuts. Granny and I would sit in the back of the truck after pulling them, roll them between our hands to get the dirt off and eat them raw, all of the way home.
  • Hannah is beautiful and sweet like you Brenda. Loved the video of her digging the peanuts up, I remember my daddy growing some many years ago and thought it was so interesting how they grow.

I’m 53 as well and I learned how to make biscuits from her momma as well. I’m so glad I was able to make them for my family. the very spit image and may I add a very good role model to follow. I am my Daddy and proud to be like him!

35 years ago my 3year old daughter and I were picking peanuts off with my in laws. After a while we noticed my daughter had a small pile of peanuts …all with 4 peanuts in them…asked her what they were for and she said she was saving those to plant the next year because she just wanted to just have peanuts with 4 in them!

When I was a child we visited my Daddy’s best friend in Bogalusa, LA and he grew peanuts in his garden. He was glad to see us and asked would we like some boiled peanuts, which we already loved. Never did I expect for him to go pull some plants up from his garden! We picked them off and they sure were good!


Be You The world will adjust Charlie Brown Peanuts shirt,tak top, hoodie

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