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When he first came out, I thought”oh just a gimmick” it will fade. But he’s been this way from the jump, wether he’s writing or not.he is what he is, no matter the times or the fame. He a real one

  • My 3rd time meeting him last Halloween in Vegas.. amazing! I have no words on the lifelong impact his music, art and talent have had on me as a person…love him so much! Brian Warner..aka Marilyn Manson you are an amazing talent and human being.
  • Ive seen MM many times but my favorite show/tour was when he toured the Mechanical Animals album and came to Indiana in 1999 with the “Rock is Dead” tour, it was one of the greatest stage shows I’ve ever seen even to this day, coming from a Tool fan that’s saying something, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. The Guns God Government tour a few years later was a bit smaller but amazing in it’s own way too. I saw his balls fall out of his costume that show so maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have pictures of that lol
  • I actually thought “Vow” was a fantastic debut single which had me desperate for more when I first got it all that time ago. So many different elements colliding at once, all of which would be key aspects to the Garbage sound. Still probably my favourite single.
  • It takes me back to being 14/15, living in a really awful family situation and then adjusting to a new beginning. This album kept me from self harm. I will always look up to Shirley as a ginger myself and I’m forever grateful to Garbage forever

I saw them on 5/3/1996 at DV8 in Seattle for their first show here and always see Garbage when they come to Seattle. My husband is also a huge fan (before we met) so I knew I was picking a great guy!! Love you!!!

25 years! That’s quite a milestone! I became a Garbage fan a few years later as “Version 2.0” was about to be released. But it was the frequent play of music videos from the eponymous album which hooked me at the time. And now we’ve all grown up and we’re still faithful!

Has it been 25 years? Was just talking about that album with a friend. Saw you on the tour with Smashing Pumpkins in Saginaw, MI. Still listening today. It’s one of those albums with songs that made you a forever instant fan. I was lucky enough to see the band live once.
And love the acting to boot as well.

Charles Manson Follow Me shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

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