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Worry about your own country. So tired of these third world countries butting into our politics. It’s like they want us to become as poor as them. Erick Kiplangat Sitonik you’re a little plonker. He’s fighting to uphold the law and constitution as he vowed in his inauguration. Look at his votes this time around ans tell me he’s been rejected look at how many countries are holding their breath as they need him…

  • Anyone know why people in Kenya think they can tell us Americans wtf is going on when their country is the most corrupt place thats falling apart? Lmao Erick Kiplangat Sitonik My guy.
  • I thought Trump was a complete joke like many of my friends back in 2016, then we realized he is the only true person who isn’t corrupted and the fact that you support the blatant manipulation from the suppressive biased media and obvious voter fraud it pains me I live in a country where the conservatives have to once again save our Constitutional Republic.
  • Erick Kiplangat Sitonik can you explain to me why you feel the need to voice your opinion when you don’t even live here. Americans that live here have elected president Trump for 4 more years. Erick Kiplangat Sitonik he’ll be too old at 2024. They will also make sure him or any other Republican never gets back in office by rigging the election.

So you’re saying that if you were to have found out there’s evidence of cheating in any competition that you competed in, you would just roll over and die? You wouldn’t ask for the truth regardless if you won or lost? Then why even compete? Why not just assign people to do things. Or assign yourself the winner. That’s how REAL DICTATORS act.

Erick Kiplangat Sitonik your math is bad. Trump’s support grew. Not decline. It grew. What indoctrinated school did you go to? 72 Million plus votes that we know of! More than any other republican president in American history! And you say he was rejected? I believe he got more like 80 million! We are going to find out the truth one way or another! He’s the Best President America’s ever had!

Cattitude Serve Yourself Coffee Company poster

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