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what do you expect people are ignorant you’re a bikie your scary and you’re hurt them we know for a fact but not all of you so like that there’s some really nice ones out, People really judged you according to how you looked, be it about race,or sexual orientation.

  • Spent the day yesterday driving around northeast Pennsylvania and was surprised at the absence of trump signs. Oh there were signs but there were Biden signs as well. It gives me hope.
  • When I’m walking and pass a yard with Biden sign I clap till I’m past the property. When I see a trump sign I imagine it going up in flames. I look to see if that happens. Hasn’t yet. But I keep hoping.
  • My new thought is where there is no sign they will vote for Biden!!
  • It’s the only way to control my outrage.
  • All Trump signs prove is that a disgusting person lives in that house. Its sickening the number of people that support that hateful, disgusting poor excuse of a man!!!
I want a biden sign, even though my husband is for biden as well he wont let me place any political signs at our house, but I have been known to get carried away with politics and 1 could turn into 40
Where are you? We are considering (not serious but it’s under discussion) moving to central PA (actually, Danville, PA). Worried about the duck dynasty land that is pennsyltucky, but since Bucknell, Bloomsburg and Susquehanna U are there, maybe it won’t be terrible?
What does that say about people…that most of our neighbors would rather support the creep over the nice guy? We have a lot of Biden signs in our neighborhood. One absolutely huge one on a very high traffic street. It’s great
My grandfather was the same. He would stand for the flag no matter how hard it was for him or how much he hurt. They had respect, something people are lacking today! Welcome

Cat Take A Bath You Dirty Hippie Poster

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