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you need to educate yourself on the teachings of both the Catholic Church and Jesus if you think either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris are DEVOUT anything. Both fully support abortion up until the time of birth. They also want to ensure that abortions are federally funded which essentially means ALL tax payers will foot the bill. This is not heresay or media rhetoric, this is actually written in the Democrat party platform that is available to the public

  • Abortion is a violation of one of the main fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church and also in evangelical Baptist churches. So you can see, using the word DEVOUT to describe Joe Biden or Kamala Harris rings hollow and hypocritical. Joe cannot claim he is a practicing Catholic in good standing as the diocese has denied him eligible to take the sacraments if the Holy Church
  • So while you are free to dislike Trump, do not deceive yourself into thinking Joe or Kamala are any less flawed than others you so easily point fingers at. Quit regurgitating the political news media, do your own research and please check your facts before you make accusations.
  • As part of the deal, China agreed to buy $40 billion worth of agricultural goods annually, an increase of about $16 billion over the pre-trade war baseline, with $12.5 billion of that increase coming this year. Now, new projections released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggest China will buy less than a third of that promised increase.

This should not be a surprise to anyone except the president. Even before the deal was signed, economists were questioning whether China’s promised farm purchases were realistic. Chad Brown, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a trade-focused think tank, wrote that the export targets set by the phase one agreement were so “unrealistic” that the entire deal could be in jeopardy.

Like so much else about the trade war, the promised “win” for American farmers had more to do with politics than economics. The deal with China was never about settling any of the underlying economic issues between the two countries. But it lets Trump talk about how he stood up to China as he runs for reelection.

Cat Sewing mends the soul poster

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