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It’s unfortunate that so many seem to see only two camps in this. There is a huge (silent) middle group that is cautious and realistic and yet smart enough to know when they are being manipulated in certain situations. All the situations? No. Some important ones? Yes.

  • And now I go to write my board members AGAIN that having teachers come to school to work AND meet and greet ALL students is DUMB., even if it is done in smaller groups… We went to plan C for a reason. Somehow I feel like the county is trying out their own experiment.
  • That’s crazy how different it is from county to county. I’m in wake county and I was sick as a dog last week and had a fever. I called my dr and they transferred me to the Covid nurse line and I told her my symptoms and she said were going to test you.
  • I had an appt the next afternoon. I was the only car and I had my results in less than 48 hrs. Thankfully I was negative but I was super impressed with the ease. I hate that testing was so hard especially for a newborn and new mom. It’s definitely real, I’ve started getting Medicaid cases for COVID.
  • If only we had a leader who would have mandated mask wearing .. I’m a RN who has worked non stop through this pandemic.. nobody wants to make it political but trump has shown his lack of leadership.. so yes it has become political.. he owns this .. stay safe and for the love of god wear the friggen mask
we had a similar experience. COVID hit our household. I have a 5yo, 3yo, and 8mo. the baby was the first to get it, which no one ever believes. husband and i were down and out, but kids needed to be fed. while we have been released from quarantine i still feel like i am waiting for the other shoe to drop. we have taken this whole pandemic seriously, and have stayed home and taken all precautions. we still got it. i still don’t have my smell/taste back. a blessing and a curse with little kids
Can we also note. The kids got the parents sick. Obviously not their fault and that the crap you do when you’re having a baby? But this false narrative that kids won’t spread it to family members is nonsense. Yes they will.

Cat Remember to Wipe poster

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