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lives don’t get more destroyed than by dying. Here’s what we know: this virus is highly communicable, even when an infected person is asymptomatic. That’s an established fact. It is also well established that it can be deadly, and that even when it isn’t infection can result in serious illness. That’s not an opinion either. It also appears that a vaccine may be near at hand. So suck it up, buttercup. Show some compassion in the near term so that the world can get through this.

  • Don’t be afraid. If you feel so inclined, come make a stand with us tonight in Orchard Park, on Abbott rd. & And Southwestern Blvd. If not, there will be more protests all this week and for the foreseeable future until this ends. You are not alone, we are the majority, we just can’t be afraid to speak up, or we will lose everything
  • . Multiple polls show 80% support restrictions. I know polls are frequently wrong but not by that much. The people that are opposing the restrictions are predominantly just the far right 23% of the nation . This is the same group that still thinks Trump won the election.
  • would like to see the statistics and documentation on that. For the number one cause to be that you would need a whole lot of Covid deaths. I’ve seen a lot more impacted by losing everything they’ve worked for for years. People should stop focusing on the death toll, grim as it is and think about the so far, unknown , long term health effects on survivors. This is a unique viral infection which has only been around for less than a year. Yes you will probably survive but big costs could come in life expectancy or quality of life.

So if you don’t believe polls and you don’t believe media, where do you get your facts upon which you form opinions? How can you say the majority agrees with you? You get thirty people out to protest? So silly. You have been oppressed for what, nine months? Blacks have been oppressed for 220 years. Get a life. people are saying that the businesses that are closing had preexisting financial problems. Others are old and lack innovation. It is their time.

Why are these small business owners not protesting in Washington DC For stimulus money to save their businesses. Why are they not confronting Trump and McConnell for stimulus checks??? Are they that stupid? If they were really serious about their small business surviving the pandemic -then why the hell are they not demanding stimulus from the Trump government ???

Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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