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One of America’s best kept secrets is that the Conservatives are the party of acceptance, understanding and respect. We don’t talk the talk, we live it. Welcome and thank you for having your eyes wide open. Very uplifting to read your post. I am so glad you have done research. I thank you, we all thank you. We aren’t the people msm makes us out to be. Perfect, no, no one is. We try hard and I know the majority of conservatives are very genuine people when given the chance. If the left would just communicate with us, instead Of the hatefulness they give, we may get somewhere. I say one at a time, welcome and thanks again. Badass ink! Hold the line now, sister! They are coming hard for our country. The enemy of God and His Truth is trying to snuff out our light. Now that you are no longer blind, hold fast to what you believe! We are with you. I went through the same thing and I have seen and travel the world all my life. I was a refugee from 2 African countries, like just the clothing on my back, I have seen a lot of UGLY but the LEFT is pretty sick. Freedom TLC or its gone and will cost a pretty penny to get back, all paid by our children’s blood if we don’t protect it now. I mean freedom of speech and the expression of ideas even if it is not something we all want to hear. I believe in America and Freedom.

I am sorry but I was not trying to be funny. Look at those eyes. Look at that smile. Am I the only one? Maybe the fact that I am so glad people are waking up has something to do with influencing my idea that this woman is an awesome beauty. It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling when you figure out you’ve been lied to for so long, but once you make that change it’s like a weights lifted off your shoulders. Glad you finally made it. I also am a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, Libertarian. Welcome to the Dark side. Sorry, I am also a Total Geek . One thing about conservatives; you can disagree with us and we will still be your friend. Most of my liberal friends disowned me. Oh well they were not true friends.

















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