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Bob there is also a medical exemption in this mandate to which no one seems to honor. This is a mandate and not a law too. I’d like to think you are respectful of all. I have an autoimmune disease that is incurable. It is in my lungs, heart, skin, spleen, kidneys and other places. I can barely breathe without a mask.

  • f you are going to respect people then you need to respect ALL people and their individual situations. If you have your mask on, sanitize your hands and keep your distance then you should be fine and have nothing to complain about. But when I am told I can’t go see my cardiologist because I can’t wear a mask it brings me to tears because I am in pain and I am afraid I am going to die quicker from this disease then from the virus.
  • If you are a business and you are going to follow the “mandate,” not the law then follow it completely. Follow it with the medical exemption clause. Being yelled at and told I will cause someone’s death is really hard to listen to. And it’s just plain ignorant. Your harrassment to people like me could cause someone to take their own life. Suicides and overdoses are so high right now because of all this does to people.
  • This is not what my nephews and niece fought for. This is not what my uncle ended up in a mental hospital for. This is not what men and women died for. They died and fought for ALL of us. Many people have PTSD, myself included. Imagine a girl or woman who has been kidnapped and the perpetrator puts his hand over her mouth.

 Imagine that mask as a trigger everytime she has to put it on. It’s nothing to laugh about. People kill themselves when they get triggered. Do you all want to contribute to someone’s death by them hanging or shooting their head off? That’s what I’m being told I will do when I don’t wear a mask.

Is that life not any more valuable then the life of someone who dies of Covid? A child with autism who has sensory issues may have a very horrible time keeping a mask on. Should we deny that child or adult their right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness?


Buckle up buttercup you just flipped my witch switch shirt,tank top,hoodie

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