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I’m just gonna say this out loud. I don’t give a damn what the Hollywood celebrities think regarding politics. In fact I’ve just about had it, and I just don’t even want to see them anymore or watch any of their programs.

  • Aren’t you just tired of them. They think they’re so important and they’re so not. I hope Hollywood goes out of business. Have they seen Biden’s interviews, if any?? He can’t string sentences together, no idea where he was, no idea what day it was, mistakes his wife from his mother, … If they have, I doubt if they truly will vote for Biden!!!
  • Wonder if she still gonna say that when she goes broke and runs out of money to support her family and ridiculous ego she along with all of her pompous arrogant friends when majority of our country doesn’t endorse or support their way of life
  • She seems to be dying for attention anyway she can get it. Sad. If these celebrities weren’t such liars and hypocrites they might sway someone. The only people who support her are people that hate Trump

Please for the love of God, stop giving these people attention. That is all they are attention whores. They are irrelevant and they know it, so they all live by the philosophy, even bad publicity is good publicity. So stop feeding their enormous egos. PLEASE!

If the national anthem gave them chills and they were proud to be Americans, why the hell do athletes kneel when it is played before each game, AFTER THE SO CALLED BLACK ANTHEM? ARE THEY PROUD TO BE AMERICANS THEN? To be proud to be a Democrat, is to be proud of abortion, be be proud

harrassing little kids, putting up bail money for arrested looters, putting rapist names on helmets, etc etc. If that .makes you proud, then that makes me feel ashamed to look at your evil vile faces and think of you as Americans. You do not represent my AMERICA.

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. lyrics poster

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