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Kudos to this fatherhood group that is so necessary. In reality, society adds to the existing problem of absent fathers because of a racist criminal justice system that separates fathers from their children through imprisonment and by making it difficult for single mothers to get welfare assistance when the fathers are part of the household.

  • I really love this if my dad was alive he would of been a great leader as well now I have one grandson who is a great dad just like my dad he served this country and now hes doing the best he can i love all the great dads out here
  • Impressive gentlemen. Take this international coz everywhere in the world great men need to be seen as role models present and supporting their families. I like that a LOT. Thanks for a great job
  • I remember waiting with my wife and kids for our waiter to bring our food. A white couple just eyeballing us. Now the gutta cat in me wanted to get buck but the man ive become just stared back waiting for it. The elder woman says: SUCH WELL BEHAVED KIDS.

You guys are the best, this organization is what is needed now. All new father’s now have a resource to go to. There is no shame in not knowing what to do when you become a dad. May you all continue to blessed and share your knowledge.

Teach young black parents that “baby daddy” should include commitment to “baby mama” and vice versa. Too many black men seem to have too many babies by too many women. This adds to the stereotype that black men are not around. Teach them that they are responsible to use birth control if not abstanance

Stave I know a dad you would love to meet he is right now taking care of two young kids both with special needs mom walk out on them when they were babies. You are my brother and yes I’m praying that every dad even my own dad steps up it’s a once in a lifetime to be making memories with your kids! God bless us Al

Black dad a son’s first hero a daughter’s first love shirt, hoodie, tank top

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