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What a total waste of lava. He could have brought his grill and some meat and have a nice bbq, but no… he just.. had to take samples for scientific and investigation purposes only..  What’s d use of collecting so many samples for analysis to predict such an eruption, a few is just enough. Am puzzled on this video. 

  • Like everyone else here, all I could think about was how he was flicking that lava coating off near his other foot, not even paying attention to where it was landing. You would hope those shoes are safety shoes for working around lava, but using material (regardless of what’s underneath) seems silly. Why not leather at least?
  • At our school days you only hear the name and description of it
    But today students have the greatest opportunities to see things in videos, pictures and everything, yet they blame people for not letting them to cheat in exams. Hmmmmm . God have mercy on this weak generation

So dangerous job man. I can’t even think about to go to near volcano, bt they r just go to near lava,, n it’s very dangerous, n gases of lava is also can kill human, plz god save them.

We were supposed to be waking up there this morning but trip had to be canceled.. it’s ok we will plan another trip as soon as our country is healthy again , ilove Oiahu , And everybody that lives there so kind and respectful people, never beep on traffic !! Can you imagine we never honk our cars , try to do it someone will Jump aNd ask you what’s the problem BRO, Chaka !!

Is there a vomit Facebook button for all the store bought, box chef, garbage in this? Jesus I’d rather not have that going through my colon. dude your high horse has taken off bucking across the field with your foot caught in the stirrup- I think it’s time to get down

Black Cat Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

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