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Beautiful gesture but honestly to say it beats other gestures it’s not even remotely sane. How about the man who would walk miles to visit his Ill wife at the hospital ? People who were killed in world war 2 because they loved the wrong person and wouldn’t give them up. This while a beautiful gesture it’s not something simple but very deep and yet not the most romantic. Now a days people settle for so little.

  • Such a hypocritical statement. You’re saying not to compare one gesture to another but then you say ‘people settle for so little’. The gesture of shaving your head so your partner doesn’t feel alone while battling cancer is not little and should not be a gauge of how much he loves her. Rather we should watch and appreciate this moment and strive to have that same love in our lives.
  • I would have given it to Joe Hart. He could have read a book, done some crosswords or even knitted a new goalkeeper’s jersey. What a performance. He must have been so bored. Dele for me but you can’t really complain about giving it to the player who got two goals and a (very good) assist. I saw vinicius only one game ,and I saw how he tract quick in front of the goal with his left foot , he is so nice.

Just shows how popular Dele is with fans that so many think he deserves it. Let’s not forget Dele could have quite easily had one of those goals but the unselfish and team player nature of his assist puts him on a par with Vinicius who also had an excellent game. He was involved in the build up to all four goals and got assists on two of them you total melt. It’s clear which one of us actually watched the game. Even Mourinho praised him in the press confernece.

Kudos to Kovacic but I was really impressed with the performance of Mason Mount. I was wowed with his performance. I hope he keeps such performance. Fernandes is good in his world but i prefer my Kai, I heard Kovacic should go and learn from the anthelop man fernandes,before chelsea went for him,do you think it is easy to wear a los blancos jersey?

Biker Grandpa The Man The Myth The Legend shirt, tank top, hoodie

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