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Great piece. As always. Got the book. Love it. And of course Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. Been 5 times. Never gets old. Cannot WAIT to get the hell out of here and back to Paris though, Unfortunately Covid19 destroyed my travel plans in 2020. I had booked Amsterdam March 20th to 28th. Hopefully I’ll be able to go in 2021!

  • Smoke up Rick and you’ll be back in Amsterdam! Keep on smoking! I watch your show daily over here in Addy, WA & love it! Man, you have been around the block! In 1972 at the age of 16 I saw The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (Fire) concert. Porn was shown on the walls just like any light show at the time. Not one smoked pot–just hashish. Pot was for brownies and tea. People made love on the floor of the concert hall. Festival seating
  • Wish every American could have a chance to step outside our borders to see how others in the world handle things. We don’t always have the best solution. I was in Amsterdam last November. We just randomly picked a coffee shop and found both patrons and employees very nice and helpful.
  • Rick, you forgot to mention the Dutch love their bikes and riding them fast. Do not Ever walk into the bike lane adjacent to the sidewalk. They’ll mow you over with a regrettable outcome for all. We love Amsterdam and the people there.

Living in the Netherlands myself, I used to support our policy on “soft” drugs. With time however, it has become clear that the semi legal /semi illegal status of cannabis has funded criminal organisations that produce cannabis. These organisations have reinvested their profits not only in cannabis but also in hard drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth and XTC.

The Netherlands is rapidly becoming a major drugs trading and producing country. It’s a billions of euros illegal economy that is undermining the legal economy. The illegal profits are laundered in hundreds of legal businesses such as hairdressers, restaurants and phone shops. Ordinary competitors are forced out of business (a hand grenade at the door or a few shots through the window with an AK47 forces local politics to close the targeted business to ensure the safety of the public).

Dutch Bros Nightmare before coffee Jack Skellington King shirt

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