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Sincere thanks for rescuing this poor baby. Many blessings to you all for giving her a loving home. You are all amazing.  Even though some stories are heartbreaking to begin with, the endings really bring a huge smile and tears of joy to my face. I look forward to The Dodo stories every single day!! A huge shout out to all of you amazing people out there who care and give these animals the love they need

  • Just sadness to beautiful love. Wonderful humans helping abused and unloved dogs. Breaks my heart to see an abused animal. Enjoy all the love Stella. It’s so wonderful to see this. There are still good people out there who care and it’s a fantastic thing to see it. The dog looks so happy bless her.
  • What a great video! Thanks for rescuing Stella, she has a gentle and beautiful soul and so adorable. I fell in love with her. Im so glad she is in her forever home with such a great family. Way to go Stella
  • Was she recently a mom cause her nipples are large and hanging. Or maybe it just looks so bad cause she s so dehydrated and starved. When it takes a lot of coaching and some ingenious ideas to get them to come out of they’re hiding place…. I often wonder how bad the abuse was….. poor baby

But now that she’s healed she doesn’t act or look like the dog that was posted. Glad to see how happy she can be under the right family conditions! So she’s been to hell and I believe she can be in heaven now. It’s her entitlement as a pup!! Thanks to all that helped. I pray she ends up with a loving family!! She’s turned all

Oh I’m so happy that this girl, stunning Stella, was rescued by angels and then adopted by this wonderful family!!! Thank you

Baby Yoda and Baby Groot Jeep shirt,tank top, hoodie

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