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This little boy is so cute and funny! He is so smart and reads very well! Knows how to deliver the punch line! This will put a smile on your face today as you head into October! This made my morning, it made me laugh so hard my back start to hurt. Even after I stopped watching it, it stayed on my mind all day I was laughing . Thanks.
  • To the Math teachers / Curriculum Developers / Publishers out there…. is 2020 stop with these ‘word problems’ already! This kid just demonstrated how silly these ‘problems’ are. That is so clever. Makes me think when we were teaching Theresa. They were some that made you love teaching. You may not get rich but teaching children was worth everything to me
  • This makes my day every time I see it. I have laughed so hard i have cried! I dont care what mood you are in this kid will brighten it for you. Love his personality and laugh! I love this video! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Thank you for sharing this Shaun. I think we all need a little more levity in our lives. I keep watching it and sharing it with those people that I think really need some laughter in their lives
  • I think everybody should leave the original Jadens Broke post alone. Nobody does it as well as the little girl original did! Isn’t that the truth? But on the other hand I wouldn’t want to be the teacher in that class because I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from joining in on that laughter
Care less what else you post … Deferring is all people like you can do . That & excusing barbaric insane behavior as in the posted video clip . Go watch your home videos by yourself . Blocked ! so you’re really gonna sit there and throw minorities into the fold when there isn’t a poc in the video?
I guess we can bring up school shooters and the Charlottesville unite the right rally as a counter, right? Cuz you’ve obviously forgotten who the biggest (wannabe) “bullies” and “tough guys” are, even with the proof in your face.
 The right to protest is one of the Constitution’s most powerful guarantees to it’s citizens. If anything, these bullies strike out because people don’t agree with them, cannot tolerate differences among people.

Awesome Wow! Hamilton – King George face mask

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