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think you are smart and funny. Except the thing about voting for Trump. I really don’t get that….But as an educator and parent I like how you advocate for teachers and students. And I like that you are real about your life and don’t try to look perfect. I like that you are a good writer and so funny. Also that you are an entrepreneur. Keep it up! Just please don’t vote for Trump in 2020 LOL and good luck with the laundry!!!

  •  I adore people that do the research then tells me about. Lawd have mercy if I tried to do it myself! Besides loving Amos, this is why I’m a supporter. And thank goodness I am…I need entertainment during this blasted pandemic.
  • I love you, your wit, your writing, and your determination. I used to be quiet. I used to have a highly developed filter. I used to be a rule follower. Then I had a child with autism. Rules, logic, and that filter went out the door. Thank goodness for military and EMS training.

 I learned to think tactically years ago. That has saved my tail many times when dealing with this almost adult, but still very developmentally delayed child. The degree in criminal justice reminds me of what the potential charges could be if I react to her threats, mouthiness, and being cussed out by a teenager.

I love your honesty! I have an almost 18yo who is on the spectrum. She got NO SERVICES until she was 13. Why? Because the Texas Department of Education put an 8.5% cap on special education services beginning in 2004. It was shameful and so many kids did not get the services they deserved. Even after a Federal investigation, we are still fighting. I have become a fierce advocate and have learned to research regs that school administrators didn’t even know existed.

This just made my day. I did get a huge laugh out of your DNA comment. Just keep them guessing as we don’t want to throw anyone we know and love under the bus

Autism I see your true colors that’s why I love you poster

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