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Great performance from this talented and confident lad, owned the stage completely. If he’s doing tricks like this now imagine what magic he’ll do when he’s older? Well done Jasper! I love reading comments of these so called magicians on here. Does it matter how this trick has been done, we all know magic is an illusion etc but the fact that he went on that stage and delivered his passion to us and the judges was much better then you lot that believe you can do better.

  • I will be waiting to see your performance on stage, action speakers louder than words. Well done youngman, Hands down the best performance of the night. Should be in the final but has a great future ahead of him. Well done Jasper
  • Jasper, you are an amazing young man and really hope you get into the finals, very good luck for your future, it’s going to be magical, what that young lad done tonight to Ashley was mind blowing my fav magician has always been darcy oake but magic bones and jasper are up there with the best
  • his slight of hand could use some work, when he asked David to pick a card, he hid the entire deck in his hand, and chose the top card, 5 of Diamonds was on top when he fanned the deck earlier, had he hidden that if would have helped, he also showed the deck when he held the blank box, close though

and lastly the card shown in the video was obviously fake other that the pre-recorded video of him holding the card, but since he knew he was going to select the 5 of diamonds that was just a simple trick. I’m sure in person it was spectacular, but if he would get a little better at slight of hand, and a little better with his presentation (he was very monotone and quite boring to watch) he will do great things

The whitney houston singer is already known, she has been on theatre circuit, seen her in her Whitney tour in Rhyl. Acting like she has never been on stage. Unfair that she may take place of someone trying to get known.

And into the Sewing Room I go to lose my mind and find my soul poster

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