American Flag Texas Proud Inside me shirt, hoodie, tank top


American Flag Texas Proud Inside me hoodie

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Didn’t hit a nerve trust me. If it hit a nerve you’d know it. What I’m saying is burning down buildings and thinking you can do whatever you want and there’s no consequences to them. YOU had better wake up! There’s always consequences to your actions. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but just like those Confederate soldiers you’ll be known in disgrace. They’re there for a reason not to glorify them but to remember the scars that our nation went through to once again victoriously free ourselves from ignorance in believing anyone is better or unequal than ourselves. We vote and follow laws. If we don’t like it we vote and do something about it. NOT! Destroy and try to push your thoughts or beliefs on individuals by force. OH NO! THAT WILL NOT STAND! GOD BLESS IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT? HIT IT! For those snowflakes out there it means leave.

Deblazio or whatever his name wishes he had half the brain of Teddy Roosevelt he is to involved with the wishes of illiterate people oops is his wife not in charge of deciding who gets torn down and who does not who in the hell made her anything she has no power. Teddy Roosevelt started the National Parks System to preserve some natural wonders and wilderness areas for posterity. And, the whiners want to tear down his statue? Why? Anarchy. Just anarchy! This needs to stop! This hatred has gone too far! We should be guarding our country’s history and learning from it, not destroying it! Those who are destroying our country should instead be building it up and working to make it better! They should act like committed Americans, not hooligans!



















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