Alabama Crimson Tide Face Mask


Alabama Crimson Tide Face Mask

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Very true! This happened to my husband and me. We have a very strong marriage because we love each other deeply. We just celebrated our 14th anniversary last week. Our marriage has been very hard at times but the storms bring us closer together. Almost everyone I talk to talks about marriage as the worst thing you can have. Loosing hope it will ever happen for this old fashioned chick who still believes in it. Happy for you to have found someone to love you and want to marry you. It’s very special! I always tell them that marriage is both an adventure and a journey. See there is no marriage that is perfect. We all have our downs and ups, no matter what we try we will always encounter a down. But we must all learn from those downs to place God in the center. Without God in the center of our Marriage then we will never overcome obstacles. Marriage is beautiful, you have someone with you by your side always. I’ve been married almost 42 years. We heard pretty much all those things spoken against us too! But Isaiah 54:17 says no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and EVERY TONGUE which rises against you in judgment, you shall condemn…. The Amplied translation says every tongue that speaks against you, you shall prove wrong! Openly rebuke negative and destructive prophecies thst are spoken over you. Declare those words null and void! Openly confess that ONLY the will of God will happen in your lives and marriage!

















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