A whole LLama Learning going on face mask


A whole LLama Learning going on face mask 0

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Here here. Hats off to Goya. We have many churches in our area that make dinners for the poor. They are almost like the food pantries…so no matter where you donate, it will be worth it to help someone. I know I went out and bought to support them after he refused to apologize! Good for him! It’s great to see that not everyone caters to the left!! Laura McNeil You think it’s ok for the president of the United States to lower the ethical standard of the office to market – openly pander to political donors and supporters ? I guess republicans don’t care if Putin is putting bounty on our troops as long as he is helping rig election. You don’t see how this puts a big FOR SALE sign on the Oval Office? apparently I can cupcake, should Pigboy Trump’s mindless mannerless morons be required by law to engage remedial reading instructors to assist in reading and digesting the Mueller and intelligence committee’s reports? you a real bigmouth line. sitter. Why don’t you go to another country with a nice good more you sort of President. You can pick any place if you are not happy with anything in this country. Travel more to open your eyes. perhaps Pigboy Trump’s America hating scum should move to Russia to prepare the way for Traitor Trump’s eventual release from prison? Charlotte Cathleen Hill poor thing! I know Pigboy Trump’s train of imbeciles aren’t known for cognitive abilities reason decency truth ethics loyalty integrity manners or morals, I encourage them to engage remedial reading instructors, don’t you agree cupcake? You like Trump that’s why bad match you also on name calling. Pigboy makes no sense bad name And match not the spot on like his. Try again another day.

















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