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It’s not just about great songs or being top of the hit parade, the Beatles led and symbolised an entire generation of cultural change for a decade that made them so special. It’s hard for people today to understand how ground breaking they were.

  • I loved their music and they were very talented everyone of them but when they matured and got married things change that’s part of life nothing is the same. Reminds me of my late Father may his soul rest in peace. Sitting in the living room with him watching the best of the Beatles
  • My uncle worked for the naval academy so he traveled a lot, when I was visiting my grandma I used to hear all his records and The Beatles was one of my favorite I tried to memorize all their songs which I still remember and sing them, once in a while.
  • I loved their music ,my first Album was a Beatles Album ( what amazes me ) is just how many of their songs are used in movies still today ,makes them a very memorable band
  • The beatles is the best band of all time, there’s no more, what they did no other band has done it again, and it is not only for the commercial part, also for the musical part, the beatles is the band that has most contributed to music in general, even being predecessors of genres such as heavy metal, progressive rock

The Beatles ,great music and talented musicians ,they had several number one hits over their music career.Paul,George,John,andRingo, natural born entertainers,they were rock stars.Separately they carry on and went solo in their own music careers.Just a awesome group all around,the best .

I enjoyed that slice of history. It’s amasing how many wonderful songs the Beatles had. The best thing is you can hear the words clearly not like some of the resent music. With each song. It’s that’s my favorite then the next one. No favorites. All are so good

My mom let us – my brother who was twelve I think, I know I was in fourth grade, and my sister first or second grade- dropped us at a movie house called the Ken Cinema to see a Beatles movie night. Help and Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow submarine. It was really a long day at 4th grade the next day.

60 Years of the Beatles signatures poster

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