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Land is accessed in Cambodia through sale, exchange, land distribution, succession, lease, gift, and concession. Under the Land Law, any person who had enjoyed peaceful, uncontested possession of land – excluding state public land – for at least five years prior to the law’s promulgation has the right to request a definitive title of ownership. Those who had enjoyed such possession for less than five years may obtain a definitive title of ownership after five years (RGC Land Law 2001a; UNHCR 2007). Leases of private land are available for either a definite or indefinite period of time. The law recognizes short-term leases and long-term leases (15-99 years). State private land can be sold to private entities or transferred through leases and land concessions. The government must convert state public land into state private land before rights to the land can be sold or transferred by lease or concession to private parties. Both long-term leases and land concessions can be mortgaged (GTZ 2009; GTZ 2006; WFP 2011; Thiel 2009; RGC Sub-decree No. b). Regulation No. 42 on State Land Identification, Mapping and Classification provides detailed guidance for the process of state land identification, mapping and classification. To date, only partial efforts to enforce the law through mapping and classification and registration of state land have occurred (Thiel 2009; GTZ 2009). 30% of the country’s land has passed into the hands of less than 1% of the population. The average rural landholding is 1.3 hectares, and many rural households in Cambodia suffer either from landlessness or near landlessness “vintage disc golf knowledge poster”

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