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With donor support, the government is driving initiatives to significantly expand the amount of irrigated land and develop the country’s hydropower potential through the construction of dams. In the forest sector, efforts to develop community forest management have been progressing. Illegal logging has resulted in high levels of deforestation, and in 2010, the Prime Minister issued a strong public condemnation of illegal logging and replaced key officials. Offshore reserves of oil and gas have been discovered, although the extent of the reserves and the potential for commercially available extraction is still unknown. UNDP has begun programs to assist the government in developing its nascent extractive industries sector in a transparent fashion with accountability to local communities. Global numbers suggest adequate per capita water worldwide. But global numbers are deceiving—variable distributions of fresh water lead to great disparities in access to water, with scarcities in some areas and excess supply in others. Thus, in a number of regions, water is in short supply relative to needs, in some cases because of insufficient amounts and in others because of poor water quality. As regional populations grow and urban systems develop, these stresses are accelerating with conflicting and increasing demands for water supply. Some estimates suggest that a dozen or more nations in semi-arid climates cannot currently provide minimum per capita water requirements for their citizens and that many more will fail to do so in the future as a result of climate change65 (see Table 4.4) “versace symbols and roses bedding set”

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