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At the World Climate Summit in Warsaw, Brazil’s environment minister Izabella Teixeira admitted that by November this year, some 5,843 square kilometers of forest had been cut down. 2012 saw a loss of 4,571 square kilometers. In 2004, some 27,000 square kilometers went up in flames – a global negative record. Even if it looks the same the world over, smog is different, depending on the city. Smog in Moscow, for instance, is characterized by high amounts of hydrocarbons. The westerly winds which regularly plow across Moscow mean that the western part of the city generally has better air quality. But the bad news is that even though renewable energy infrastructure – solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage and distribution systems – are already widespread, and getting cheaper and more efficient all the time, experts say we’re not applying them quickly enough to prevent catastrophic climate disruption. Barriers in policy and finance remain to be overcome. These five megatrends present major global threats for planet Earth — problems that must be solved if the world is to remain a supportive habitat for humans and other species. DW looks at causes and possible solutions “otter colorful poster”

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