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The launch of both the HRH Prince Charles’ Prince’s Rainforest Project and The Eliasch Review on behalf of the UK government , have aim to highlight the global importance of rainforests in mitigating climate change. Such initiatives highlight the vital role that rainforest conservation must play in future global climate deals. In 2006 the Stern Review was published. This report, commissioned by the Chancellor, is the most comprehensive review ever carried out on the economics of climate change. One of the main conclusions of the review was the importance of reducing deforestation and highlighting the essential role of rainforests in combating climate change. This is the act of cutting down trees across a wide area. Some Amazing vintage grandpa shark doo doo crocs people also use words like clearance, clearing or clearcutting for deforestation. Forests cover a third of the world’s land. But humans cut down 26 million hectares of those forests every year. That’s an area the size of the United Kingdom, or just larger than the state of Oregon. Human-induced land destruction is a major contributor to habitat loss of plant and animal species, especially in our rainforests. Jaguars, sloths, bonobos, and orangutans are just some of the better-known animals threatened by deforestation. Spatial analyses of the pattern of primary forest loss in Brazil also indicate troubling new hot spots of loss within indigenous territories in the state of Pará. In the Trincheira/Bacajá indigenous territory, deforestation as a result of illegal land-grabbing accelerated in 2019. Mining threatens forests in other Brazilian territories, such as Munduruku and Kayapó.

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