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believe this, they can use a thermometer to take the temperature of metal and cardboard in the room. After being in the same room with the same air temperature, both surfaces should be at the same temperature.Show the animation Conducting Energy to help answer the question about why metal feels colder than cardboard. What do you notice about the molecules as energy is removed?As energy is removed, more molecules are moving slower. There are more purple and blue molecules, but a few still change to pink. Explain that at any temperature, most of the molecules are moving at about the same speed and have about the same kinetic energy, but there are always some that are moving slower and some that are moving faster. The temperature is actually a combination, or average, of the kinetic energy of the molecules. If you could place a thermometer in this simulation, it would be struck by molecules going at different speeds so it would register the average kinetic energy of the molecules. Tell students that anything that Amazing viking tattoo symbol all over printed shirthas mass and is moving, no matter how big or small, has a certain amount of energy, called kinetic energy. The temperature of a substance gives you information about the kinetic energy of its molecules. The faster the molecules of a substance move, the higher the kinetic energy, and the higher the temperature. The slower the molecules move, the lower the kinetic energy, and the lower the temperature. But at any temperature, the molecules don’t all move at the

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