Amazing tree of life wicca viking all over printed bedding set

and indirectly, by altering cloud forming processes. As heat is applied to liquid water, the molecules move faster and the temperature again increases. During the phase change from liquid to gas, the added heat is stored in the molecules as, once again, potential energy, and the temperature remains constant. The added heat is used to overcome the remaining forces that hold the molecules together within the liquid. This allows the molecules to move even further apart and form a gas. Once again, the heat energy during the phase change is stored as potential energy. Some of the heat escapes directly to space, and the rest is transferred to higher and higher levels of the atmosphere, until the energy leaving the top of the atmosphere matches the amount of incoming solar energy. Because the Amazing tree of life wicca viking all over printed bedding setmaximum possible amount of incoming sunlight is fixed by the solar constant (which depends only on Earth’s distance from the Sun and very small variations during the solar cycle), the natural greenhouse effect does not cause a runaway increase in surface temperature on Earth. Because greenhouse gas molecules radiate heat in all directions, some of it spreads downward and ultimately comes back into contact with the Earth’s surface, where it is absorbed. The temperature of the surface becomes warmer than it would be if it were heated only by direct solar heating. This supplemental heating of the Earth’s surface by the atmosphere is the natural greenhouse effect. When greenhouse gas molecules absorb thermal infrared energy, their temperature rises. Like coals from a fire that are warm but not glowing, greenhouse gases then radiate an increased amount of thermal infrared energy in all directions. Heat radiated upward continues to encounter greenhouse gas molecules;

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