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Homeowners will become knowledgeable in how to reduce sewage flows through conservation practices and how to promote adequate transpiration by vegetation. The goal of this project is to bring the perspectives of the youth to community planning and environmental remediation discussions. The youth will be given the tools to research environmental health issues and to influence planning policy decisions that most effect their lives. Specifically, youth in northwest Denver neighborhoods will be trained to research ways in which the multiple environmental risks and hazards affect their health. Amazing praying black queen watercolor poster They will also learn how to identify and overcome the institutional and policy barriers that stand in the way of detecting and solving the environmental health and planning issues with which they are concerned. Skinner Middle and elementary school students will utilize the six-step Earth Force Service-Learning Process to investigate the environmental impact practices such as idling automobiles and busses at school entrances; raise awareness about chemical and particulate pollutants and their link to respiratory diseases and eye/nose irritation; and reach across cultural and economic barriers to partner with community stakeholders in order to develop and pilot test multiple strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve solid waste disposal practices, and prevent the triggering of respiratory disease by chemical and particulate pollutants in the air.

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