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The Vassar College, Department of Geology and Geography, intends to meet this by utilizing a Geographic Information System to create a comprehensive database of environmental and demographic data that can be correlated spatially. In addition, the project will include a database consisting of results from two previous angler surveys conducted within the Hudson River area by the New York State Department of Health. By focusing on the Mid-Hudson Valley Region of New York State (i.e., comprising the Counties of Greene, Ulster, Orange, Columbia, Dutchess and Putnam), the college anticipates the project will serve as a model for other communities wishing to examine the correlation between environmentally undesirable land uses and community demographics in order to address claims of environmental injustice. Amazing personalized name indianapolis colts baseball shirt The objective of the project is to conduct a highly visible community education/involvement campaign around two remediation projects at the Pennsylvania Avenue and Fountain Avenue Landfills in Brooklyn, New York. This would be performed by educating and publicizing information – about contaminants found on these sites (where they come from, why they are still there, associated removal and clean-up costs, technologies/strategies employed to implement contaminant removal. Also, information concerning health effects of the current sites as they exist will be explored and provided to the community, and lastly, discussions concerning trade-offs will be discussed with the communities during a series of designated public meetings. This initiative will educate residents about the dangers of living in unhealthy homes and provide residents with available corrective actions. The primary vehicle for raising public awareness will be four community meetings in economically stressed neighborhoods with high incidences of lead poisoning, asthma hospitalization and pre-1978 housing stock.

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