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Youth participation will be insured by selecting two to five students from each of the twenty-seven high schools and middle schools in El Paso County to serve on a Youth Council on the Environment. The students will attend the training as well as participate in four workshops. The Earth Camp is an innovative classroom and summer camp program providing hands-on environmental education to primarily low-income elementary school students. Students will learn about the clean air and water statutes and participate in air/water quality testing and participate in fall and spring clean-up campaigns. Amazing personalized name dallas cowboys baseball shirt They will develop posters and brochures to disseminate the information they have learned. The learning activities will be conducted in eight South Dallas/Fair Park area schools, and the project will culminate in the Earth Camp 2002, when the students who are selected competitively will explore the Trinity River and the natural habitat of the South Dallas area during the two-week camp. The Yates High School Camera Project seeks to engage communities by capturing images of environmental risks in Houston. This is a collaborative project with photography students at the historic Jack Yates high school, teachers, community members and TEJAS, a grass roots environmental justice group. Students will capture images of local environmental risks and share these pictures to spark conversation about the impact of environmental injustices on health and quality of life. Data profiles will be compiled for each photographed site to identify trends about the causes and effects of environmental threats.

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