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The project will improve awareness of environmental problems and alternative solutions related to water pollution and solid waste disposal in isolated tribal communities and promote ideas of stewardship and ecological problem solving. This project will expand a successful two-year collaboration between ICSC and other organizations, agencies and the SE Asian community to educate the community about fish consumption, water quality and environmental justice. The work will focus on youth and elders in the community, using a “train the trainer” model, an inter-generational education approach.Amazing personalized name cincinnati bengals baseball shirt   The youth will be trained and will develop a video to be used to teach elders in the community about appropriate, safe and sustainable shellfish harvesting practices. The project goals will be to promote and sustain healthy SE Asian communities, and reduce the risks from environmental hazards in the home environments of SE Asian families–particularly focusing on parents with children as well as the elderly, and to strengthen the ICSC/Health department partnership after the grant project ends. ICSC will create an opportunity for SE Asians to participate in identifying and learning about environmental health hazards in their home environments; develop culturally appropriate strategies to reach out and educate the communities; disseminate language-specific educational materials to the SE Asian communities; strengthen and expand the collaborative partnership between ICSC, the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Dept. as well as with members and groups of the SE Asian communities concerning the environmental health hazards impacting them.

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