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Find out about the connections between deforestation and climate change, fires and haze, water security, and commodity supply chains with our specialized web applications. Even though the damage is mainly done to tropical forests, the causes can be linked to eating habits all around the world – including here in the UK. Our footprint is mainly linked to soya grown to feed British reared animals. So the chicken and bacon in our shops may well be unwittingly contributing to global deforestation. Most deforestation is carried out to clear land for food production. This is not a new thing –Amazing nike air jordan heartbeat bedding set for instance in the UK we largely cleared our natural forests centuries ago to create more agricultural land. But now we know the wider damage deforestation can do – and especially at the alarming pace and scale of destruction happening around the world. How to save the Amazon rainforest by Rhett A. Butler on 4 January 2009Environmentalists have long voiced concern over the vanishing Amazon rainforest, but they haven’t been particularly effective at slowing forest loss. In fact, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars in donor funds that have flowed into the region since 2000 and the establishment of more than 100 million hectares of protected areas since 2002, average annual deforestation rates have increased since the 1990s, peaking at 73,785 square kilometers of forest loss between 2002 and 2004.

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