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Direct TRW are toxic remnants that are an immediate result of military activity. For example pollution resulting from the deliberate targeting of industrial infrastructure, as was the case in the 2006 Israel – Hezbollah War. During the conflict tanks containing oil at the Jiyyeh Power Plant caught fire after having been targeted by the Israeli Air Force, the tanks burnt for 27 days releasing highly toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. The changing nature of war and the ageing nature of IHL make environmental protection in armed conflict even more complex but no less necessary. Other international bodies that are currently reviewing environmental protection during armed conflict are the International Law Commission and the United Nations Human Rights Council . The 31st International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on strengthening legal protection for victims of armed conflict saw the inclusion of the ‘protection of the natural environment’ as one of its four chosen areas of concern. A report to the ICRC conference shared UNEP’s view and highlighted the need for better implementation of international law. Their conclusions highlighted that, Amazing nike air jordan 23 bedding set while a number of International Humanitarian Law provisions directly and indirectly protect the environment during armed conflict, there is no effective implementation and enforcement. This is in part due to inadequacies within the provisions themselves that make them difficult, if not impossible, to implement, as well as the lack of a mechanism or permanent body that monitors violations and addresses the issue of compensation.

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