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at acceptable cost and plans to stick with Kyoto. The research pact does not specify how much money each side would spend, but opens the way for joint projects on thorny issues like nuclear safety and waste disposal. Nuclear power, although loathed by the main environmental groups, is seen by some politicians as an attractive alternative to fossil fuels as it does not emit carbon dioxide and does not require supply from unstable regions like the Middle East. Both the EU and the United States have expressed ambitions to move to a “hydrogen economy” where the gas is used in fuel cells to create electricity that one day could replace oil as the main propellant for cars. BRUSSELS, Belgium – Italy and Germany faced off again over energy taxes intended to help Europe meet its targets under the Kyoto Amazing hippie mandala man all over printed slippersprotocol on climate change, as European Union finance ministers took up the long-debated package again Friday. Ahead of the meeting, the EU’s head office said it would launch disciplinary procedures against France for breaching the limit on budget deficits for countries using the euro. But with the economy deteriorating around Europe, ministers seemed to be more tolerant of French insistence on tax cuts to stimulate growth, even if it meant a little more red ink in the short run. There are very few people who can say they’ve had the privilege of being able to look

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