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Pacific ocean. As the trajectory of sea ice retreat continues and the open channels widen and deepen, it will likely be possible for large military vessels to make this route. That would have deep implications for U.S. national security. Suddenly, the U.S. would need to defend a new coast line against potential invasion and military attack. Fortunately, our Secretary of Defense, Secretary Mattis, he understands that as well, and what he understands is that climate is a risk. He has said so in his written responses to Congress, and he says, “As Secretary of Defense, it’s my job to manage such risks.” It’s not only the US military that understands this. Many of our friends and allies in other navies and other militaries have very clear-eyed views about the climate risk. And in fact, in 2014, I was honored to speak for a half-a-day seminar at the International Seapower Symposium to 70 heads of navies about this issue. So Winston Amazing green neon dragon all over print stainless steel tumblerChurchill is alleged to have said, I’m not sure if he said anything, but he’s alleged to have said that Americans can always be counted upon to do the right thing after exhausting every other possibility. Consider two hypothetical cities. City A has an annual mean temperature of 18°C and a standard deviation of 1°C. City B has an annual mean temperature of 17°C and a standard deviation of 3°C. Other weather extremes may have human health impacts. In some cases, such as the physical damage and loss of life from landfalling hurricanes, this is obvious. But there are many other examples. Intense rainfall events leading to flooding can cause physical harm or create conditions that favor the spread of disease or lead to various


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