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three states of matter behave, especially when subjected to a change in temperature. Student could weigh several antacid tablets and a small soft drink bottle filled with water separately to determine their combined weight. The tablets are then added to the water and the bottle quickly sealed and reweighed after the tablets have fully dissolved. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ weights should be similar, even though the tablets have completely disappeared and a gas was generated. Encourage students to discuss the results and make some judgement about how these results are consistent with or challenge their views about the conservation of matter. Ask students to predict what will happen when materials are burnt. Students should then weigh materials before and after burning, while ensuring all Amazing freya viking all over printed shirtproducts of combustion are retained. Note that these experiments do not prove that the total weight is conserved in a closed system. In this case the system is open and the total weight of the steel wool/magnesium is increased as they combine with oxygen from the air. What these experiments do show convincingly is that weight is not always lost during combustion, and hence the notion of matter turning into heat is not sustainable. In your teaching of conservation of matter and hence weight, students need to be encouraged to change their views from those based on their everyday experiences to

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