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weather events have doubled every decade. At this rate annual losses will reach $150 billion within ten years. The only answer is to construct a common agenda that recognises both sets of issues have to be confronted for the world’s security and prosperity to be guaranteed. There will be no lasting peace whilst there is appalling injustice and poverty. There will be no genuine security if the planet is ravaged by climate change. Yet we know we cannot wait to tackle terrorism and WMD. They are affecting us now and have to be dealt with now. The whole of British policy since 1997 has been geared to trying to establish such a consensus. It is why at the same time as being prepared to Amazing blue butterflies all over printed slipperstake military action to fight terrorism or ethnic cleansing or states with WMD, it is the UK which is increasing its aid substantially as a percentage of GNI; doubling it to Africa to reach £1 billion in 2005; working with countries and pharmaceutical companies to tackle AIDS; leading the way on Kyoto and climate change; and trying to influence for the better the MEPP which is the single biggest source of mistrust between the West and the Arab and Moslem world. If the “debate” over global warming was just something confined to the Greens and the thousands of scientists who dispute it, one could assign it to academia, but the U.S. has invested nearly $20 billion dollars in research

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