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temperature. As already described, increasing the temperature of a gas, increases the kinetic energy store of the gas particles. When the fast moving gas particles collide with a surface, their millions of impacts create a force that we measure as gas pressure – the total force of impacts per unit area. The specific latent heat of a substance is the quantity of energy need to change 1 kg of the material from one state to another without change in temperature. Sufficient thermal energy – the latent heat of melting, is absorbed by the ice to melt it. In the middle of the graph should be a horizontal section corresponding to the transfer of the latent heat of fusion to the surroundings at the freezing point – to enable the kinetic energy of the molecules to fall sufficiently for the intermolecular forces to Amazing astronaut space all over printed slippersincrease and cause solidification . In between the ‘horizontal’ state change sections of the graph, you can see the energy ‘removal’ reduces the kinetic energy of the particles, lowering the temperature of the substance. As you cool the substance you are decreasing the internal energy. BUT the temperature stays constant during the state changes of condensing at temperature Tc, and freezing/solidifying at temperature Tf. Similarly when a gas is cooled from the gaseous state to the solid state and the temperature of the system measured continuously, there are two horizontal sections on the graph where the temperature does not fall, despite the constant

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