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Bottom line is internal variation from ocean current patterns can change global mean surface temperatures via both the greenhouse effect and the effect of clouds on albedo. There is no rule that global mean temperature can only occur either externally or via variation in CO2 or by Atlantic ocean overturning. You are just buying into an argument designed to influence the ignorant. Several things wrong with that. The Coriolis Effect is extremely small but it moves entire oceans. Other magnetic effects between the Sun and Earth could have completely unknown Amazing astronaut space all over printed slipperseffects. Frequency variation of solar output could have effects on evaporation. And those same variations are tagged as the root cause of the Svensmark Theory which is a theory of cloud change resulting from every small changes in total solar forcing much like the Coriolis Effect results in huge effects on the ocean from a very small force. We are talking about mixing unmixed gases in the atmosphere and mixing waters of the ocean. If you ever stirred and exotic alcoholic beverage with various colored additives you should know intuitively how chaotic that can appear. The PDO is a strong fit and a far larger reservoir of heat. Oceans manifest themselves in weather and climate in many ways. Ocean current shifts are likely the cause of the PDO and AMO. What drives those shifts are largely unknown. But it doesn’t take much to make rivers

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