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This would reduce the demand for incineration and enable authorities to incinerate only non-recyclable waste. The rate of recycling could also be increased. Finally, introducing waste-to-energy is a good option as such plants can divert waste from landfill and recover heat and electricity from waste incineration. Thailand has recently started installing waste-to-energy plants, and there is potential for expansion . To realise this potential, there is a need to provide facilities for better sorting at source combined with public awareness building and education programmes. The issue of biodiversity has been integrated into NESDPs with details laid out in the Master Plan for Integrated Biodiversity Management and associated action plans. Amazing angel black queen watercolor poster The 12th Plan lays out Thailand’s ambition to increase forest cover to 40% of total land area by 2030, a target that should contribute to biodiversity, as well as to water management and climate change mitigation. In addition, the National Biodiversity Action Plan aims to reduce the rate of habitat loss by 50%. Within this framework, in 2015, the government enacted the Marine and Coastal Resources Management Act. Thailand’s Sustainable Consumption and Production Roadmap also aims to restore biodiversity in agricultural areas to 2016 levels by 2025, and includes targets such as reducing the use of pesticides by 30% by 2026, and increasing sustainable and organic farming practices

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