Three rabbits by the window poster


They are so brazen that they went on to rig again even after all the noise you are making. I’m sure now you have the evidence of election rigging since Republican observers knew exactly how the Dems made you a one term president.. I pray Pence does the right thing and he does not get threatened like the rest,,. Looks like Blue has become the color of treason!. Why this US election is so important for all people around the world? Three rabbits by the window poster All world is always looking with a big interest who is going to be next leader of free world and democracy.. Trump just go home and accept defeat Jan 20th is around the corner and us will have a new president. I am not an American, But I on seriously praying for President J. Tump. The world is reading, listening and watching what is happening. I pray that the Almighty God MUST intervene and let the HONESTY and truth be out.

Three rabbits by the window poster

Three rabbits by the window poster

#SaveAmericaRally? If you want to save America, respect the Constitution. Honor the will of the people. Recognize that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election. Reject the authoritarianism of Donald Trump. Reject the violence of the Proud Boys, Trump’s street thugs.. We can all thank Mitch because if he passed the $2,000 stimulus checks the republicans might have won in Georgia! Sad day for America!. Please do not blame Pence for all this if it doesn’t go well. He is a very smart and God following man. He will do what is legal and right. Please, please, please… do NOT throw him under the bus.. Stolen again.. Martial law for new election Mr.President.. you have the power… get it done or our country is totally doomed… Do NOT, whatever you do….. give up mr president!!! Stay the course, you’re much much stronger than any of them!!!. The country will have a President but thankfully it won’t be you, very, very soon. Three rabbits by the window poster

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Three rabbits by the window posterThree rabbits by the window poster

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