The first but not the last poster


Stephanie KennedyAs a transit driver, I wish we could receive the vaccine as soon as health care workers.7 . Dorian Zapata-LopezMy mothers an MTA bus driver and I pray for her continued health during these troubling time. I’m glad they’re honoring the workers. Thank you for service keeping NYC moving. 56 . Jo NieceSweet way to recognize these essential workers whose lives ended. 57 . Simon RobinsonAdam Beneventi – I have empathy for all the families of victims in this word who have died from coronavirus – it is very sad!!!35 . Joyce Johnson BlanksStronger together safe in sitting back looking at it safe and up and ready to go safePause GIFTenor53 . Libby YoutcheffMr and Mrs. Obama are the perfect example of what we all should strive to be as humans…32 . Kabir Chowdhury Tanmoy Mr. Former President, you are a wonderful person. The American people were blessed to run your state. Your comrade is the current president. You also had cooperation in the election. Hopefully, you will tackle COVID-19 from Biden’s side, focusing on cl… See More214  The first but not the last poster

The first but not the last poster

The first but not the last poster

Leif DoloniusRemember – never forget those standing up for our society and keep functions still ongoing like transportations, hospitals, schools etc even when we are great stress due to the pandemis. Thanks president Obama and I do Hope president Biden Will make t… See More9 . Emma MorganGod has answered our prayers many of our elders in the reservation got vaccinated. My 92 year grandma was scared at first but she did it. I’m so blessed with all this and the vaccination that went out to our reservation. I know I have to wait but I sti… See More19 . Axel HolstadWe haven’t even beat the common cold yet why spread a false narrative. 10 . Ruth TayeThey deserve our utmost respect and support. R.I.P. we will not forget them. My deepest condolences and may God comfort their family. May God help us all with the vaccine . Thank you former President, Obama for continuing to make us aware of current si… See More15  The first but not the last poster

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The first but not the last posterThe first but not the last poster

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