The Earth from the Moon poster


Continuing to mentor and bring out the best in every one’s path you and Michelle cross. America loves you! . Inpsirational – having been involved in regeneration projects for most of my career in Europe – someone HAS to take up the repsonsibility to begin this type of change. Brillaint Sir! Only ever seen positive change come from this type of endeavour. Wond… See More. Congratulations. I look forward to the groundbreaking. President Obama, you are such a man of the people and this center will serve as a wonderful legacy. We, the people, appreciate you and your continued contributions. Thank you. . FINALLY! After all of the opposition, it is wonderful to learn that your much deserved Presidential Library is being built here in Chicago. CONGRATULATIONS. Barack Obama I also considers you as the person who keeps humanity and truth above politics. Please help the revolution happening in India The Earth from the Moon poster

The Earth from the Moon poster

The Earth from the Moon poster

Congratulations. Wonderful News I can’t wait until I can start visiting Chicago again I always go for Taste Festival & July 4th Fireworks on the Navy Pier highlights of my year . A move in the right direction for the Obama Foundation.Great work indeed!!. I’m 62 yrs old and when I was little girl we had a portrait of President Kennedy and Jackie O in our living I have a portrait of President Obama and Michelle in my home…I thank God for President Biden but Obama will always be my President… See More. You and your family’s legacy is already one of inspiration and achievement and the quite literal embodiment of the American Dream. Thank you for your service in the past and into the future, and thank you for setting an example that will help create f… See More. Thank you President Obama! This is such wonderful and so inspiring news. My heart is full for all you and Michelle continue to do for the community far and beyond. Love to you and our entire family, the girls should be proud. May God continue to shower… See More The Earth from the Moon poster

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The Earth from the Moon posterThe Earth from the Moon poster

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