Running woman god says you are poster


99.9 % of young people don’t die. Please remember that and start thinking of their mental status, isolation depression, you should not expect this of young people especially children to be isolated it’s ridiculous. Covid is airborne, a flu on steroids.… See more. *** ALERT*** Independent Fact Checkers have deemed this information as coming from unreliable, hypocritical sources who have contradicted themselves in the past and have made a large number of incorrect predictions. Sharing this misinformation is not … See more. People are still dying of flu or pneumonia, CoVid is the 900 pound gorilla in the hospital room.. Reading the comments herein worries me that our civilization will not survive much longer. And, tells me that stupidity should be classified as an infectious disease with a high R nought.. I had all those symptoms in Dec-Jan. I just used my nebulizer and asthma medicine. It lasted for weeks. Three others here had the same so I had to nebulize them also. I thought we had bronchitis but it was weird. I’d never had so much trouble breathing… See more Running woman god says you are poster

Running woman god says you are poster

Running woman god says you are poster

Over 99 % recovery rate. Meanwhile there are people dying from flu and pneumonia. Go figure.. Im so fearful…not. Stay healthy build your immume system by eating right, staying active, getting outdoor excersize. If your health is already compromised then wear your mask and say home as much as possible.. I trust expired gas station sushi prepared by a homeless meth head more than I trust the CDC!!!!. So… the CDC recently came out as saying that the medication SAFELY taken by thousands of people, including President Trump really did work… After claiming for months that it didn’t? So what are we supposed to believe? Hmmmm?. Make sure you’re taking Zinc (50 to 100 mg), Vitamin D3 (3000 to 5000 IU), and Vitamin C (500 to 1000 mg). Also some antibiotic herbs would help, like Echinacea or Elderberry. None of my immediate family has been ill. We don’t wear masks, preferring to… See more Running woman god says you are poster

Beautiful Running woman god says you are poster

Running woman god says you are posterRunning woman god says you are poster

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