Rottweiler take my hand canvas


Miss Cicely Tyson is an example of a true Medal of Freedom honoree. Thank you for your wonderful works and example, Miss Tyson. Rest in Power.. Amazing tribute to an incredible woman!. Michelle always looks and conducts herself so beautifully, even in Australia everyone found her to be so graceful and dignified. This is a beautiful and timely honouring of this wonderful contributor to the world.. So sorry to hear of her passing! She was one of my favorite actors!. You are such a class act, but then so was she!! Thank you so much for honoring her!!!. Thank you, President Obam, for this beautiful tribute to a beautiful American woman. Ms. Tyson was an inspiration to me and to many other people around the world. We have lost a treasure.. True legend and a real Queen! Great actress, woman and a role model! She will never be forgotten…Rest In Peace, Cicely…, now you are one of God’s angels…. Rottweiler take my hand canvas

Rottweiler take my hand canvas

Rottweiler take my hand canvas

I remember and thank you. I was going through a similar circumstance at my place of employment and I was shocked to find that there were no laws to provide equal pay for women. Your leadership proved to be a tremendous blessing for all.. When I was a young girl it was pretty much universally accepted that women were not fit for certain professions, and in the ones for which they were, they should be paid less than men. Change has been hard won. Thank you.. Congratulations President Obama on the record breaking sales of your new book. I’ve always admired how you maintained your composure when you and your family were verbally attacked. You never once lashed out.. President Biden will make America great again from where you left Mr president.. Thank you Mr President! This has been a long republican road, years of keeping women and POC on the back burner Rottweiler take my hand canvas

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Rottweiler take my hand canvasRottweiler take my hand canvas

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