Poster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman


Sorry I’m off the topic…. You and President Biden were a match made in Heaven for the people of the United States. Then Satan stepped in and the people suffered and died in silence. Now, we will look to President Biden to work another miracle for us.. Remember when you said the days of 3% growth we’re gone and then Trump came along and proved you wrong? That was awesome. My question is why has Biden not said anything about the Arctic freeze and the electric outages that is going on in the middle of the country? at least Trump would have commented on it, Biden hasn’t even addressed it at all in any way!. Two great Democratic presidents leading the clean up from Republican messes.. I admire your sharp memory President Obama!. I remember, Mr. President. Sadly, I was a Republican back then and against everything you did. Your ACA has saved my life twice already. Sir, I am forever grateful. I cannot change the past, but I can change the future. Left the GOP when trump became t… See More Poster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman

Poster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman

Poster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman

So grateful every day to see these types of announcements as the Biden administration dismantles some of the inhumane measures taken by our last President. Health care is a basic right. I hope Biden continues to sign executive orders and propose bills that turn this nation into a kinder, safer place.. Awesome Awesome thank you Mr. President . I’m in Australia – yesterday I fell and hurt my foot. I went to my local clinic and Was seen straight away, had an X-ray and a treatment plan and exchanged no money!! I work and I pay taxes. I’ll continue to appreciate this healthcare system (even thou… See More. The prices are higher and your not getting much covered. You have more out of pocket expenses. I know this because I have this Healthcare since the beginning. As I and millions of others say “If it is so great then you and Joe Biden, the rest of your p… See More Poster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman

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Poster The hill we climb Amanda GormanPoster The hill we climb Amanda Gorman

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